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Theirworld a global children’s charity and Oando Foundation, an independent charity with a mission to radically improve the quality of teaching and learning in Nigerian schools have partnered to empower vulnerable Nigerian girls and young women by giving them a unique opportunity to learn important technology skills in a safe environment through an innovative pilot project - Code Clubs.

Over 600 girls aged six to twenty-five in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania will join the Code Clubs in its pilot phase with the aim of reaching thousands more with its self-sustaining model - where girls who have completed the course will return to mentor the next cohort of girls, with community support to augment the scalability of the project.

Code Club Nigeria is being launched ahead of Africa Code Week in collaboration with the Oando Foundation. The Code Club’s are low-cost, sustainable and scaleable safe spaces where girls can be empowered by learning to code, foster creative thinking and increase knowledge and skillset for the future. Oando Foundation is using this strategic partnership to enhance its commitment to ICT education particularly for the girl child; with a medium term target of having Code Clubs in every Oando Foundation adopted school across Nigeria impacting over 60,000 girls lives.

Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld said “With a safe space to learn and play, a mentor to inspire, and access to technology to be able to explore, create, and code we can increase learning opportunities and empower girls to fulfil their potential. Every girl should have the opportunity to go to school, learn, grow, and have a future they choose.”

“At Theirworld we know that investing in a girl has social and economic returns that go beyond her, extending not only to her family and future children, but also to her community. We don’t shy away from challenges and are prepared to tackle the big problems that stop children from learning” added Sarah Brown.

Despite thousands of jobs being created in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) industries across Africa- gender discrimination, lack of access to education and technology means girls are often kept out of the work force and unable to break the cycle of poverty.

“To remain competitive in today’s global world, technology skills are vital, hence our desire is for young girls in Nigeria to develop sustained interest in ICT and increase their proficiency in this field. A key area of focus for Oando Foundation is the establishment of ICT centres in adopted schools and building the competency of young children in practical application of the ICT curriculum. We aim to empower Nigerian girls to develop technology skills that will lead to their ultimate financial empowerment and prepare them with skills relevant to the 21st century workforce” said, Ade Adegoke, Head, Oando Foundation.

Kano computer kits, which will be used in the clubs are low-cost, easily transportable, can be rebuilt multiple times and are highly applicable in countries where connectivity is low. The project aims to aid future mentors to set up and run their own Code Clubs.


Photos and case studies are available here:
For more information or interviews contact Jessica Bryant on jessica@theirworld.org or call on +442031162737

Notes to editors:

  • Code Clubs run once a week in six month cycles. Girls will be taught a bespoke programme of online coding content by a trained teacher, and given access to numeracy, literacy, art and music to support their formal education.
  • Theirworld is a children’s charity that believes all children everywhere deserve the best start in life. We work for a future where all children are born safely, have a quality education and the chance to change the world. For more information go to www.theirworld.org
  • About Oando Foundation:
    Oando Foundation, established in 2011, is an independent charity launched by Oando PLC, one of Africa’s leading indigenous energy solutions providers. The Foundation aims to support the Nigerian Government to meet the Millennium Development Goals to achieve Universal primary education. Its mission is to radically improve the quality of teaching and learning in Nigerian schools and communities by ensuring access to world class basic education systems. Oando PLC currently provides 1 % of its annual pretax profit to fund the Foundation. Oando Foundation has also established strategic partnerships with government, the private sector, international development partners, NGOs and civil society to fulfill its goals and objectives. Oando Foundation has so far adopted 47 schools across 20 states in Nigeria. The Foundation plans to adopt 100 schools by 2015; directly affect over 200,000 lives by ensuring over 100,000 pupils have access to quality primary education; broaden the capacity of over 4,000 teachers, award scholarships to over 2,560 pupils to reduce direct and indirect costs of education to students. Learn more about the Foundation at oandofoundation.org.
  • Kano – the tech to power the hubs – is a DIY computer and coding kit for all ages. It is a simple, human way to make and play with technology to build a computer, make games, music, and artworks, and express yourself with code.
  • Codecademy – the accredited course – will give girls an accredited skills base and the know how in online learning. Codecademy rethinks education from the bottom up and creates an engaging educational experience.

Date Published:17th October 2016

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